so, yeah … perfectionism

so, yeah … perfectionism

(draft post written Dec. 31/2019)

There are times when a tendency towards perfectionism is useful, like when trying to finish a job as well as possible. Those last few details can really make the difference. (Or they can keep you from moving forward—it seems just as true that “the devil is in the details” as “God is in the details”.)

However, when starting things, I have dropped so many (so, so, many) before they ever had a chance to launch because the beginning wasn’t sufficiently tidy, the details and the road ahead not defined or clear enough.

I won’t go into any examples of false starts here, it’s too lengthy/demoralising/embarrassing. 😉

Judging from past history, there’s a good chance that by the time you’re reading this my intended personal project for 2020 will not have launched as I had planned or intended.

However, I hope that you are in fact reading this, because it will mean that even without a perfect start, I did, indeed, start.

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