A Holiday Song for Here, Now and Everyone

A Holiday Song for Here, Now and Everyone

It has been just over 10 years since I wrote “All I Need”, a response to the relentless messaging leading up to the holiday season that makes this time of year particularly stressful, even painful, for many.

At the time I was navigating some significant personal and professional challenges, and existed in a kind of high-functioning melancholy. When I picked up my guitar to write that day, I remember being surprised by the warmth and hopefulness of the melody and words that arrived despite my troubled state of mind, how true and comforting they felt. They came as a gift (as is often the case when one sits down to write, or indeed create anything). A transformation, some light in the darkness.

“All I Need” is an invitation to step back, take a breath, and be present with what we find truly meaningful. These things deserve our attention and nurturing, and reward us with peace and joy in a world that often seems overwhelmingly fraught with uncertainty, unrest, even despair.

Countless instances of beauty that nature so generously provides … time spent with cherished loved ones … the simple pleasures of a moment …

Each is an experience common to everyone, yet as individual as a snowflake.

All of these, and many more, have no deadline or date of expiry. They are meant for and available to everyone and not limited to any particular deity or religious tradition, things that don’t require anyone to open up their wallets but that are undeniably precious gifts.


In 2009 I was thrilled for “All I Need” to be the first track on a diverse charity compilation that included holiday songs by Huey Lewis, Richard Marx, Dennis DeYoung of Styx … and one of my childhood TV idols, William Shatner!

I’ve now had “All I Need” remastered for its own release. Since writing it I’ve often contemplated stepping into a daily personal practice, a spiritual “retreat” of sorts, but one that doesn’t require heading off to some remote location, as pleasant as that sounds. 🙂

2020 seems like the right year to take this on, so as of January 2020 I’ll be writing daily on the theme of what feels essential and intentional, following that wherever it leads, and sharing the journey as I go. The prospect of clearing mental and physical space in order to finally dig deep into what I truly value is exciting, while the commitment to daily writing is daunting, but also an intriguing challenge.

Throughout December I’ll be updating my website, figuring out where I’ll be posting, etc., and starting January 1st I would be honoured to have you drop in occasionally and join me for this year of “a work in progress”.

Wishing you peace, joy, and a happy new year!

Love, Lis

P.S. I released “All I Need” today, December 1/19, and it will be free to download here on my site throughout December (soon also available on Spotify etc.).

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